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At Jay's Wheel Repair & Tire Shop, we offer a wide range of wheel repair services to get you back on the road in no time at all. Our team of experts has the skills and knowledge to fix your vehicle while keeping you informed throughout the entire process. Check out our services below and book your appointment today for guaranteed same-day service.

*Same-day service only guaranteed for booked appointments up to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

We Can Come To You!

Want to get your new wheels, but you're too busy to drop by our shop? Jay can pick up and drop off wheels locally. We understand that your day is busy, so let us take care of one chore for you. Contact us to learn more information about wheel pickup/drop off.

Cracked Rim Repair

A cracked wheel is more than just an annoyance — it’s a safety hazard. Cracked wheels can cause a tire blowout that endangers you and other drivers, potentially leading to personal injury and more damage to your car. Besides that, cracked wheels will reduce your gas mileage and make it extremely difficult to handle your vehicle.

Jay's Wheel Repair & Tire Shop will repair the cracked rim on your car with speed and quality service. These projects should be handled by a professional to ensure the job gets done right, and we are the best professionals in the area. Stop by any time, or schedule an appointment for same-day service!

Bent Rim Repair

Do you feel a vibration while driving your car? Are your tires slowly leaking? Your wheel rim may be bent, causing those issues and more. If you continue to drive on a bent rim, your tires will wear down much faster, or you could experience a tire blowout if you don’t straighten them out!

Getting your wheel straightened can be a difficult, expensive task if you don’t know a trustworthy shop. Whether your wheels are OEM or aftermarket, Jay's Wheel Repair & Tire Shop will quickly repair them with superior work at competitive prices, making the process smooth and convenient.

Scratched Rim Repair (Curb Rash Repair)

Are your wheels showing signs of wear and tear, or did you scrape them against the curb? Scratched rims, commonly known as “curb rash,” may not be the only problem with your damaged wheel. There may be underlying damage that will impact your vehicle’s safety, performance, and ride quality.

At Jay's Wheel Repair & Tire Shop, we will repair any curb rash symptoms on your rims and check for any hidden issues that could endanger you down the road. We will inspect your wheels for any bent or cracked areas before repairing all scrapes, gouges, and other damages.

Corrosion Clean-Out

Corrosion damage happens to all wheels, whether from brake dust, wheel oxidation, or low-acid cleaners. Jay's Wheel Repair & Tire Shop provides complete corrosion clean-outs to get your wheels looking good as new — or even better than new.

We will get your rims cleaned, repaired, primed, and finished to give them that new car shine. Most scheduled appointments will receive same-day service, so schedule yours today!

Resealing for 3-Piece Wheels

Your wheels have many moving parts, and they need to have a good seal to function well together. Otherwise, they may start slowly leaking or cause damage to your tires.

Jay's Wheel Repair & Tire Shop offers resealing services for three-piece wheels. We will completely disassemble your wheels, seal any leaks, and re-torque all the bolts to get them functioning at peak performance once again. Schedule an appointment for same-day service or walk in any time!

Re-Barreling for 2-Piece and 3-Piece Wheels

Your wheels may need to have their inner barrels replaced if they have sustained significant damage. Jay's Wheel Repair & Tire Shop can provide replacements and custom sizes for many two-piece and three-piece wheels to get you back on the road safely.

We will take time to educate you about our process and help you make the most informed decision before we repair your wheels. Whether you stop by for a walk-in appointment or schedule one ahead of time, we look forward to serving you.

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